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6:22 pm

"The Professor’s Ten Commandments, Thanks to Notorious B.I.G."

I loved this article, from Inside Higher Ed, although I think it’s more broadly applicable than the author suggests.

What really cracks me up about it, though, are the complaints in the comments. Complaints that this must have been a slow submissions day at Inside Higher Ed; complaints that the article reinforces black stereotypes; complaints that the article should have been prefaced with a warning that it contains objectionable language (because the title isn’t a giveaway?). Talk about reinforcing stereotypes, stereotypes about humorless academics, that is!

11:56 am

Market Meltdown

Ahhhhh. Now I understand what’s been happening in the market recently, thanks to this great article (free registration required) by Albert Leonard on

Doesn’t really help me figure out what I should be selling or buying right now, unfortunately…

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